Multimedia Authoring for Language Tutors and Educational Development M.A.L.T.E.D

Multimedia Authoring for Language Tutors and Educational Development
M.A.L.T.E.D - 3

The Malted software is free down-loadable software which will run in most of the operating systems. This software developed by the Spanish Government to develop the skills in English Language. They had vast supporting and guidance system.
At the beginning we tried its 2.3 and 2.5 version. This software needs Java Media Frame work and Java Run time Environment. We felt little difficulty to install these programs in our Linux. At present they released the version 3 which is very easy to install and use. If the system is connected with net go to their site, with few clicks we can install the dependencies (Java) and malted software, in both windows and IT@School GNU Linux (in all version 3.0,3.2 and 3.8). After installation the malted program Icon will appear in Educational menu and also on Desktop including our 3.8 version.
Advantages of Mallted 3
Malted version 3 will work in all IT@School Linux version including 3.8, through these kind of above mentioned installation Java will install automatically.
Details of Malted Background:
Malted is an Authoring tool developed by the Ministry of Education of the Government of Spain and released under the GPL license. The software is Java based and works equally well on Linux and Windows.
The Malted project is carried on with European Union funding and academic help from leading universities in Britain.
Details of functioning of Malted:
Basic Functions

The Malted Authoring tool can be used to create pages into which sound, text, pictures, videos and animations can be integrated in various combinations. Different types of quizzes like gap filling and multiple choice can also be created and integrated into pages made with Malted. Effective navigational links can be set up for page navigation.
Advanced Functions
Malted has a sound recorder for recording student voice for speech skills training.
Malted has an animator that can be used for creating and presenting animations including sound-synchronised animations (animations that work with background sound that keeps step with animation playback)
Malted has text-input function that enables the student to type text into the program for viewing by the teacher.
Malted can handle any language for which font support is available.
It can also be localised into any language.
Using Malted:
Malted can be used for creating digital courses of a length of up to hundreds of pages. Effective courses in any subject can be made with Malted. However, because Malted has student voice recording function, it is especially beneficial to use Malted for language teaching programs.
We did a project in malted based on 8th Standard Text book, it was done in malted 2.3 and 2.5 these version was little difficult to install in our Linux, but version 3 can easily install by anybody who can use internet. Now version Malted 3 become very user friendly. So we hope through this software technically skilled team can prepare the project and others can use these useful projects very easily by just copying the prepared project in their malted folder.

Malted 3 Download l Link
Installation Guide
A Try-out Project by Jaimon Master
Downlod & paste this project into the Malted Project folder, then you can use this.